Shipping Label Examples

  • shipping/label-thumb-container
  • shipping/label-thumb-pallet
  • shipping/label-thumb-asn
  • shipping/label-thumb-parts
  • shipping/label-thumb-packingslip
  • shipping/label-thumb-manifest
  • Container Label

    Internal label for Conbraco showing our Order Number, Carrier, and Container ID.

  • Pallet Label

    Label intended to help shipper deliver pallet. Shows Ship to Address and Carrier Pro Number.

  • ASN Label

    Label that our customer uses and each customer provides their own format. Not used by all customers, usually only larger ones.

  • Parts Label

    Optional label that shows a list of all items with their quantities included in this shipment.

  • Packing Slip

    Document that the customer will use when they receive the order to verify the shipment. Shows Items, Quantities, Dates of Shipment, etc.

  • Manifest

    Document the Shipper signs when the pickup the document. We keep one copy of this document and the Shipper gets the other copy.