Shipping Information

Conbraco Industries, Inc. is implementing a new transportation program. This program applies for shipments when Conbraco Industries is responsible for the payment of freight charges.

General Instructions

This guide consists of shipping instructions, which must be followed when Conbraco Industries, Inc. is responsible for the freight charges. Bill of lading must include:

Packing List

Shipping Procedures

The shipper's personnel will load all supplier shipments, or shipper will be liable for any charges incurred at origin for loading or unreasonable delays. Carriers will be responsible for accurate counting of merchandise loaded upon their equipment unless Shipper Load and Count is indicated. Shippers will seal all trailers on truckload shipments and note seal number on bill of lading.

All ground shipments 0-250 lbs.

Ship via UPS Freight Collect. Call our Traffic Department 843-672-1531 for the correct account number.

Domestic air shipments

Call our Traffic Department 843-672-1531

International air shipments

Call our Import/Export Department 843-672-1532

Less-Than-Truckload LTL

For shipments moving via LTL (251-20,000 lbs.), please refer to the carrier routing map. The carrier routing map is color coded by state. The color codes represent carrier to be utilized. Suppliers should utilize the designated carrier for origin state. If none of these carriers service your location, contact CONBRACO INDUSTRIES, INC. Traffic Department at 843-672-1531 for an alternate carrier.

Truckload/Volume Shipments

For truckload ground shipments, call CONBRACO INDUSTRIES, INC. Traffic Department for instructions at 843-672-1531. A truckload would consist of shipments exceeding 10,000 pounds or if shipments occupy (20) twenty linear feet or 750 cubic feet.

Required Information

The following information will be required before a carrier can be scheduled.

Call the Traffic Department between 8am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday for routing instructions. This call should be made at least 24 hours prior to pickup to allow scheduling of equipment.

Please advise the Traffic Department of any consistent moves to our locations so that we can arrange regularly scheduled deliveries to help avoid continuous calls for routing instructions.

Charge Backs


Understanding the compliance with these routing instructions is mandatory. Non-compliance of these instructions will result in a charge back of excessive costs and a $100.00 penalty in the form of short pay on your invoice.


Do not insure or declare value on any collect shipments unless authorized by CONBRACO INDUSTRIES, INC.

Freight Terms

When a supplier does not conform to the freight terms specified on CONBRACO INDUSTRIES, INC. purchase order, the supplier will pay all freight charges.