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It’s features and benefits that set Apollo Valves apart from the competition. 5 year warranties, no charge stainless steel handles, ease of maintenance, quality that you’ve come to trust through Apollo Valves, and Made in the USA. These are qualities that Apollo Valves by Conbraco Industries Inc do not take lightly.

Apollo Valves has taken the time to do extensive market research on what you need in a backflow preventer. Through our experienced engineering and sales team we have brought to you what you asked for. A competitively priced, easy to maintain, Made in South Carolina; full backflow preventer line.

You can count on Made in the USA.
You can count on Apollo Valves.

5 Reasons "Made in the USA" Matters

5 Reasons “Made in the USA” Matters

Manufacturing is about turning raw materials into products of value. It grows our economy and raises our standard of living. It  creates jobs and builds communities. And finally, it seems people are recognizing that it matters where the things we buy are made.

There are many reasons for choosing products wearing the “Made in the USA” label. Here, in…

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